Art Made Easy

During the summer I found myself attending several car boot sales after a clean out at home resulted in a rather large pile of unwanted accessories. Much of what I wanted to discard seemed far too good to simply throw away and so off I went to stand in a local field for a few hours each Sunday. I was rather sad to see that many of the items I was selling off were pictures which got me wondering why I had accumulated such a huge selection of art that I evidently didn’t much like!

Learning from Past Mistakes

I gave the issue serious consideration because I didn’t want to make the same mistakes again. I had so many pictures that I could have opened a gallery and yet I didn’t feel the slightest bit sorry about letting them go. Of course the situation could be at least partly explained by a change of taste but that wasn’t the whole story. It was also true that I had recently redecorated the house and some of the pictures certainly did not suit the new look. But there was more to the situation than that.

Making Do

Having giving the matter some serious thought I felt that the real issue was the way that I had been forced to buy art in the past. I am not wealthy enough to be able to choose original works and so I was stuck with prints sourced from local shops. No stores featured a very extensive selection of pictures and so finding the perfect pieces was impossible. It was a case of making do and selecting the best options that I could find and those really weren’t that appealing.

Shopping Online

Things are very different now. If you are looking for art for your home perhaps the last place you would go is a shop. Even if you were to stumble across the right picture it would probably be the wrong size or in the wrong frame. Pictures take up a lot of space and so the selection is always going to be limited.  Shopping online is now most definitely the way to go!


The internet has revolutionised shopping as a whole but when it comes to art it has been an even bigger game changer. Browsing online enables you to view just about every image that has ever been created. If the right picture for your room has been painted, you will be able to find it. In addition images are available in a variety of sizes, you can choose a frame to suit you and there are even sites which cleverly put together your chosen picture, mount and frame so you can then see what the finished piece will look like.

Perfect Results

I have discovered the work of artists that I may never have encountered otherwise and I have been inspired by new ideas and concepts that I could never have thought of myself. I feel that my recent purchases will never end up at a boot sale because this time around they are the right choices for me. I love my Silvia Vassileva and Doug Hyde prints and I am sure that there will be more pieces gracing my home in the future. Sourcing the right art is now easy!

Article By Sally Stacey