Unravelling Art Deco

Art Deco is a highly popular decorative style that most people would recognise but perhaps many would struggle to precisely define. This fact is not surprising as the Art Deco style is eclectic in nature and evolved from a combination of diverse influences which resulted in a striking look that was and remains at once instantly recognisable and yet difficult to describe.

Early Days

The Art Deco style first emerged in France in the 1920’s and quickly spread across the world. It influenced architectural design, furnishing and jewellery styles and indeed all aspects of interior décor.  Art Deco is a fabulous fusion of Art Nouveau Influences, traditional motifs, folklore and the imagery of the mechanised, industrial age. Something new, opulent and eminently stylish grew from diverse and sometimes contradictory influences.



Perhaps the opulent nature of Art Deco was the result of the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb. This event sparked a huge fascination with Egyptian culture and the riches unearthed in the tombs. The sparking gold artefacts were marvelled over and you can certainly see Egyptian stylistic influences in Art Dec design.

art deco interior

Art Deco also featured other strong stylistic elements like angular details, bold geometric forms and shapes, striking colour contrasts and the daring partnerships of different materials including polished woods, gilding, ceramics and gems. Multiple facets, stepped profiles and metallic elements were also common features and there was and is an overall sense of glamour. In short, The Art Deco style creates visually striking buildings and furnishings through the use of form, perspective and fine materials. It feels simple and yet has great depth and complexity. The combination of influences from ancient civilisations, through Art Nouveau to contemporary industrial imagery creates a timeless look of almost universal appeal.


Many trends in interior design and architecture come and go and we often look back and wonder what the appeal could have been! Tastes change and designers are always looking for new ideas but Art Deco has remained popular to this day. The style does meld classical elements with more modern concepts to create a timeless look that feels at home almost anywhere. It is, therefore, a great choice for both period and contemporary interiors and will add a touch of elegance and glamour to any home.

Home Interiors

If you are looking to redecorate a room in your home or to add some stylish accessories then you really can’t go wrong with Art Deco. The angular elements and forms particularly lend themselves to bathrooms and a striking Art Deco lamp or mirror will always create a stunning focal point in your living spaces. As the style is so versatile and has remained so very popular it is always possible to find the right choices for your home be they original period pieces or contemporary interpretations of the style. Art Deco is a glamorous, elegant, timeless yet strangely current look that will always lift your home. Art Deco has proved not to be a passing trend but rather an enduring style that reinvents itself for each new era.

Article by Sally Stacey