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Beautiful Lene Bjerre

Nailing a decorative scheme is about both the big picture and the small details. You must first decide what look you are trying to achieve and choose suitable features and furnishings but the look is never complete without the right finishing touches. The devil can certainly be in the detail both in trying to complement the room concerned and in creating a look which is unique to you and your home. Continue reading Beautiful Lene Bjerre

What is a Vintage Interior?

The word vintage is perhaps one which is somewhat overused. The term originates from the Old English word vendage which is itself an alteration of Old French vendange from Latin vindemia, meaning to remove wine. Vintage became a reference to the year or place that a wine was produced and then a more general term denoting something from the past which is of high quality or the best of its kind. Continue reading What is a Vintage Interior?

Brighten Your Home with a Touch of Sparkle

I have always had a weakness for a bit of sparkle. Whilst I have never had any ambition to turn my home into an homage to glam rock or Barbie, I just have to feature a little sparkle here and there to add interest to an otherwise fairly measured contemporary interior. I do have a small glitter ball in my cloakroom. This is so subtle (if a glitter ball could be such a thing) that many people don’t even notice it is there.  My hall, however, presented a more difficult problem as it hard to be subtle or tasteful with sparkle when it is the first thing that visitors see when you open the door. Continue reading Brighten Your Home with a Touch of Sparkle

Original Scented Candles?

I don’t usually watch The Apprentice basically because I find a group of arrogant gits trying to step on each other’s heads every week a little tiresome. However, I did catch the end of one episode in the latest series that piqued my attention because it appeared that the task given to the opposing groups had been to create a scented candle. Continue reading Original Scented Candles?

Art Made Easy

During the summer I found myself attending several car boot sales after a clean out at home resulted in a rather large pile of unwanted accessories. Much of what I wanted to discard seemed far too good to simply throw away and so off I went to stand in a local field for a few hours each Sunday. I was rather sad to see that many of the items I was selling off were pictures which got me wondering why I had accumulated such a huge selection of art that I evidently didn’t much like! Continue reading Art Made Easy