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Art for All

You may have thought that original artworks were the preserve of the rich and famous and that ordinary folk must confine themselves to the odd print. Most people would certainly never dream of taking themselves off to Sotheby’s or Christie’s for a fine art auction especially if they have seen the headlines about record sales. Francis Bacon’s Three Studies of Lucian Freud, for Instance, sold at Christie’s New York in 2013 for a whopping $142.4 million. Just slightly beyond the average budget! Continue reading Art for All

Too Much DIY

I have never been particularly enthusiastic about DIY. I like planning projects and deciding how rooms will look but would really rather pay someone else to complete the work for me. Sadly I usually lack the budget to this which probably explains why my house was left untouched for years. I had got used to its rather tired décor and just put up with it. Then a couple of years ago a good friend was about to move into the spare bedroom and I thought it was time for a face lift. Somehow the desire to redecorate that one room turned into the need to tackle the whole house! Continue reading Too Much DIY

Art Made Easy

During the summer I found myself attending several car boot sales after a clean out at home resulted in a rather large pile of unwanted accessories. Much of what I wanted to discard seemed far too good to simply throw away and so off I went to stand in a local field for a few hours each Sunday. I was rather sad to see that many of the items I was selling off were pictures which got me wondering why I had accumulated such a huge selection of art that I evidently didn’t much like! Continue reading Art Made Easy