Beautiful Lene Bjerre

Nailing a decorative scheme is about both the big picture and the small details. You must first decide what look you are trying to achieve and choose suitable features and furnishings but the look is never complete without the right finishing touches. The devil can certainly be in the detail both in trying to complement the room concerned and in creating a look which is unique to you and your home.

The Scandinavian Style

Right now all things Scandinavian are certainly in vogue and for good reason. The clean lines and simplicity of the look lend themselves to contemporary interiors in a simple yet sophisticated style that is elegant and uncluttered. The Scandinavian style is a fabulous fusion of functionality and design which creates pleasing looks without unnecessary embellishment and complication. The wrong accessories can completely ruin the overall design scheme in your room but the right ones will fit seamlessly into your scheme whilst still offering decorative interest.

The Best in Danish Design

If you are enthusiastic about the Scandinavian style then you should certainly take a look at the fabulous home furnishings and accessories from Lene Bjerre. This is an exciting collection from Denmark that creates the extraordinary in the ordinary. Lene Bjerre began by fashioning unusual and striking lampshades using classic wallpapers. The highly original designs soon began to attract attention and admiration. Lene Bjerre moved on to become a Danish interior design pioneer and to found a company that would become a leading light in Danish home furnishing.

The Creative Team

Today a wonderfully talented creative team at Lene Bjerre create simply gorgeous furnishings and accessories with the clean lines and contemporary qualities of the best in Scandinavian design. Each piece is a triumph of function and simplicity over contrivance and boasts a timeless feel that would grace any interior.

A Stunning Candle Collection

The collection includes a variety of beautiful candles for all occasions which will always draw the eye. There are rustic, decorated and dinner candles to choose from so if you love your candles you are sure to find something to please. Pillar candles in various sizes feature a stunning array of appealing colours and a simplicity that is ideal for the modern home. The slender, lacquered dinner candles are wonderful additions for any table and the decorated pieces are a celebration of the flora and incredible beauty of the Danish countryside.

Treat Yourself, Treat Your Friends

Candles are surely must have accessories for the home that create a truly special ambiance after dark. There is nothing quite the equal of that flickering light and the grace of a candle and with Lene Bjerre each and every candle is also an attractive decorative feature for the home. Your home will definitely benefit from showcasing Lene Bjerre candles or perhaps you are looking for a great gift with the class that is the best in Scandinavian design. If so you can do no better than to choose a piece from the Lene Bjerre collection.

Article by Sally Stacey